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I’ve used this devotional exercise for overĀ 25 years and it’s truly become second-nature to me – its a lifestyle I’ve learned to help me in those times when depression and anxiety hit; when I find myself in a cycle of discouragement and frustration.

Join the thankful challenge today with this 30-day Thankfulness journal that helps you to journal your thoughts of gratitude and thanks.

Are you stuck in a rut?

By rut I mean, a rut of discouragement, frustration, and negativity?

It’s not hard, you know. All you need to do is watch the news and you’re already discouraged: discouraged by the racial divide in our nation, frustrated with the political environment that seems to always be only in favor of career politicians and against its citizens.

Often times we don’t realize that we have surrounded ourselves with people who perpetuate this discouragement and frustration – this negativity that seems to constantly be on tap.

Hi, my name is Rosilind.

I created the My Thankful Journal as an additional resource to your quiet times to help you put Philippians 4:8-9 into daily practice.

In this journal you get 30 journaling pages with space to write out scripture verses about thanksgiving and gratitude, space to write out 5 things you are thankful for, and space to write out a prayer of thanksgiving to the Lord.

You can use this journal all year round.

In fact, you can give yourself monthly challenges to come up with 150 reasons to be thankful for

  • Your husband
  • Your children
  • Your pastor
  • Your co-workers
  • Your job
  • Your extended family

And so much more!

Join the thankful challenge today with this 30-day Thankfulness journal that helps you to journal your thoughts of gratitude and thanks.

Get this journal today and begin to renew your mind as you continually choose to focus on all of the great things He has done for you!

My Quiet Time Journal
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Rosilind, a Pacific Northwest native, is a missionary living in Croatia and married to her hero. Together they live in the country with their 2 active boys where she enjoys fruity candles and a hot cup of herbal tea on a blustery fall evening. She holds an Associates of Practical Theology and is passionate about discipling and encouraging women. Her passion for writing led her to author a number of books. She is the author of A Little R & R where she encourages women to find contentment in what God created them to be. She can also be found at these other places on a regular basis. You can follow her on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Google +.


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