30 Day Prayer Challenge for My Identity in Christ


This 30-page workbook can be used alone or with your favorite prayer journal. Filled with 30 verses on marriage, you will learn how to apply God’s Word to your personal life through journaling your prayers about your your identity in Christ!


We live in a culture that is so labeled and identifies so strongly with temporal stuff of this world and demands to be tolerated – even coddled.

Those whose identity is wrapped up in being single are offended when people emphasize marriage.
Women whose identity is wrapped up in their infertility are offended by Mother’s Day, and now churches are left in a quandary every year.
Those who identify as being special-needs parents are hurt when parents brag about their children’s successes or abilities.
Those who identify with their weight are offended by moms who brag about their weight loss or fitness abilities
These misplaced identities have made us overly sensitive and easily offended. God never intended us to live this way because He always intended us to identify with ourselves as new creations in Jesus Christ!

Hi, my name is Rosilind and I am a Bible study leader and author. I serve on the leadership team for Good Morning Girls, founded by Courtney from Women Living Well, and I started the Croatian, Bosnian and Serbian chapter of Good Morning Girls. I am a student of the Bible and hold an Associates degree in theology. I love God’s Word and I enjoy teaching others how to have an effective quiet time, even as busy moms and homemakers. As I have prepared for these prayer challenges I have found exciting scriptures to target specific areas of our Christian walk.


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