7 Days to a Better Prayer Life


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Are you satisfied with your prayer life?

If you’re like most Christians, the answer is no.

Most Christians would say their prayer life is ineffective, inconsistent, unsatisfying, and basically a list of requests they make of God, but lacks true communication and communion.

Take this 7 day video-based Bible study and learn how to have an effective, satisfying and powerful prayer life! It comes with a free 70-page prayer journal

Prayer has always been one of the Christian disciplines I’ve struggled with most.

I have a great propensity to over-complicate very simple things, and prayer is definitely an area of my life I’ve made more complicated than I should have.

I take great comfort in my struggle with prayer, because as we read the gospels we see that even the disciples struggled in this very important area of their faith.

In Luke 11 the disciples came to Jesus and said, “Lord, teach us to pray, as John also taught his disciples.”

Jesus’ response to them wasn’t to preach a 5-hour sermon on prayer with all it’s nuances. Jesus simply gave them a formula to follow.

It’s called The Lord’s Prayer, but what it really should be called is, “The Disciples Prayer”, because this isn’t a prayer Jesus actually prayed. The Lord’s Prayer is really a prayer formula that Jesus gave His disciples.

In fact, The Lord’s Prayer isn’t a rote prayer, it is a mini-course in how to pray!

Hi, my name is Rosilind.

When this revelation hit home for me, it revolutionized how I prayed. Suddenly the concept of prayer, how I should pray, and what I should pray for became so simple.

To help make it even easier, I put together a simple journal called “Pray Through the Lord’s Prayer” with sections for each part of The Lord’s Prayer. This kept me organized and helped me not to forget the people for whom I had promised to pray.

I have created a Bible study called “7 Days to a Better Prayer Life” based on that simple journal I made

7 Days to a Better Prayer Life Bible Study

In the 7 Days to a Better Prayer Life Bible study you will receive:

  • The Pray Through the Lord’s Prayer Workbook with additional worksheets
  • Access to a private Facebook Group where you can discuss the study and share prayer needs
  • 7 Video lessons that expound on each area of The Lord’s Prayer


This Bible Study is be available for personal study or for group studies!













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